About Us

A construction company is often defined by something it's built. This can be a noteworthy structure that altered the landscape and changed a community or business's fortunes. Or, it can be something less concrete but, in the long run, far more substantive — a reputation. For two generations Overholt Construction has accomplished the former, while remaining firmly focused on the latter.


About Us

The result is an organization recognized for providing intelligent, creative and cost-effective solutions to commercial and industrial enterprises as well as to detail and service-oriented high-end residential clientele. All the while adhering to a family ethic of honesty and fair dealing, that has shaped long and mutually beneficial relationships.


Today, Overholt is the product of a family heritage that traces its roots back through more than six decades of South Florida construction history. Company co-founder, Rod E. Overholt, was a pioneer in this industry, and is rightfully credited with helping transform South Florida into the world class community it now is. This heritage is carried on by his sons, Craig and Rod, Jr., each with their 35-years of construction experience.


This is a heritage that continues to shape the character and culture of the region with functional, attractive and quality structures. In other words, Overholt is defined by what it has built in both senses of the word.



Nothing deserves more personal attention than a personal residence.

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Demanding quality, budgets and schedules. Demand experience, expertise and commitment.

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Often hidden, but always there and built to stay there.

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