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Our Exclusive Partner at the Ocean Reef Club
Our Exclusive Partner at the Ocean Reef Club - Multivista Construction Documentation

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A lot goes into turning the emotional investment of a dream into the reality of a personal residence that is more than simply concrete, steel, glass, wire, pipes and wood. The creation of a home that reflects the values and aspirations of its owner is a collaborative effort between the owner, the architect and the builder. And collaboration means working together — listening and understanding what each is saying, and often, not saying.


Overholt understands what this means, how much it means and how it works. The proof is, literally, in the ground. Specifically it's in more than 220 quality homes and condominiums the company has built in one of America's premier high-end residential resort communities, Ocean Reef, in Key Largo. Working closely with buyers, their architects, and the dozens of skilled technicians and craftsmen whose expertise, experience, professionalism and attention to detail leave an indelible mark of quality and individuality on each South Florida home.



To this Overholt adds one more critical ingredient — the personal involvement and commitment of Overholt principals. This presence and commitment is why, for a decade and a half, Ocean Reef property owners have turned to Overholt to help make their dreams come true.


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