Turning Dreams Into Realities

Construction, whether of a home, a hospital, an auto dealership or a shopping center, represents the realization of a dream. Someone's dream. A dream of a comfortable, luxurious residence; a state-of-the-art facility where people can receive quality medical care; a selling environment that complements the refined quality details of a luxury automobile; or a retail venue that creates an engaging, pleasant experience for visitors and shoppers.


Converting dreams like these into realities of steel, glass and concrete is the mission of Overholt Construction. It's a mission that has driven Overholt for two generations. A mission that is part of a family heritage that draws on a life-long ethic of hard work and honest dealing.

The legacy of this heritage is in turn a portfolio of real-world achievements that have helped transform the map of the South Florida. It is a physical and entrepreneurial legacy that stands as enduring evidence of Overholt's commitment to bringing to every project intelligent, creative and cost-effective solutions.

Building for the Future

A legacy is what you leave behind to others. In construction, it's what you've built of concrete and steel. At Overholt, it's how it was built... with pride in both the craftsmanship that went into it and the relationships that came out of it.


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